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THC Distillate 1g


THC: 95%

This concentrate is a viscous liquid created by refining cannabis resin to a state of close to pure THC. Often a golden or amber color, higher purity distillates will have a lighter color, which is close to clear if it has been refined enough. Distillation allows the processor to isolate a desired compound (in this case, THC) from the cannabis plant and leave behind undesirable plant material. Distillates are commonly used in vape cartridges and can also be used in edibles, topicals, and other products.

With 1 gram contained in a syringe, this product is often used to mix in and strengthen another dab, or to mix with food in cooking and baking to create a THC infused snack! Although distillate can be dabbed on its own for a potent hit, connoisseurs generally prefer other kinds of concentrates, since distillate lacks terpenes, which leads to a strong, but rather flavorless hit. Terpenes, which are contained in many kinds of plants, are also good for the body offering a number of health benefits, and they assist in regulating the nature of the high one receives from smoking a normal full-spectrum flower or concentrate, which would contain normal levels of terpenes and flavinoids. Terpenes, among other things, are what lead to the general difference in effect between sativa and indica strains (Indica terpene profile vs sativa), which is why many prefer full spectrum extracts. However, mixing this cheaper distillate in with a more expensive dab can be an effective way of strengthening it while maintaining the full spectrum effects. Distillate is also an ideal concentrate to use in cooking since the lack of terpenes and flavinoids means it will not interfere as much with the flavor of the food.

Note that while the distillate is liquid, it is very viscous at normal temperatures, and may need to be heated up by running warm water over it for ease of use.

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